1. Home loss Número one. Fourth loss (out of four games) this season.
    Also, we could be heard talking on fast hockey, I may have been talking about personal things. Umm. Apparently all you could hear is mumbling, but um, freaking out


  2. First game of the season tonight.
    Third year of being in charge of music. Crazzzzy

  3. We do accept that!:)
    You’re whining about the fact that your country isn’t as well known hockey; who fucking cares. So what? Your teams (made up of Canadians) are better, enjoy that.

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  5. franson:

    so valentines day is coming up

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  6. amomenttothink:

    Thank you Teemu Selänne and Saku Koivu for your great careers.

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  7. wewalktogetherforever:

    Is it October yet?

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  10. reallymkpunk:

    Um yeah, somebody screwed up. Not naming any names, guy who’s holding the U

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