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  3. tuukka-rask:

    if a girl wants to watch a sport because she thinks a player is hot then let her, it’s not like guys watch the VS fashion show because they want to buy new bras. 

    When stuff from hockey tumblr shows up on other areas of tumblr you know it’s a big thing 😱

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  4. lundqvisition:

    The year is 2428. Ice hockey is now played in levitating ice rinks in the sky. Players are invincible thanks to advances in medical technology. There is no more need for video review as referees have been replaced by sophisticated officiating robots who see all and never get anything wrong. Habs fans are still whining about the Kreider/Price collision.

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  5. mattgreenies:

    Don’t blink, you’re entire team might disappear.

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  6. are you a hockey blog?


    hi guys :) I have this near impossible ridiculous idea thing and it involves me following as many hockey blogs as possible so if youre a hockey blog (meaning that at least 85% of your posts are hockey-related) then pleeeease reblog/like this and I will follow you! no matter what teams you post about, i will follow each and every single one of you, no exaggeration at all!

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  7. 3/25 photos of the boston bruins

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  8. tuukkasass:


    How do you get the scrolly thingy on the side of safari to stay on the side of the browser (for mac)

    The only time it appears is if i press the down or up arrows on my keyboard.

    Any advice, tips?


    Please help!!!
    Any tips and tricks or advice about macs will be helpful!!!

    Go to settings and go to track pad, it should give you demos on how the hand signals work. You needa swipe up with two fingers to move the page down, and swipe down with two fingers to move up

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    so I did a thing

    I’m too lazy to actually draw a guide so this reblog for American followers 

    Tom Hortons is one of the only reasons I want to go to Canada. Because the nearest Tim Hortons to me is in West Virginia and WV is a little boring ngl.

    And the Roll Up The Rim is completely legit. My mom won a $100 gift card and my dad won a GPS! (And I’m American btw)

     i think we need to talk more about ice caps cause they are the root to all happiness 

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